João Miguel Coelho


(+351) 93 96 76 355

Lisbon, Portugal

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My research interests lie in the areas of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Information Retrieval.

Currently a PhD Candidate at IST (DEEC) and CMU (LTI), under the dual degree CMU-Portugal program, supervised by Bruno Martins, João Magalhães, Chenyan Xiong, and Jamie Callan. Working on long document retrieval leveraging efficient transformer architectures, and as a Teaching Assistant at Instituto Superior Técnico.


Sep 1, 2022 I was accepted as a dual degree PhD student at CMU (LTI) and IST (DEEC)!
Nov 17, 2021 I successfully defended my MSc thesis!
Sep 15, 2021 I’ll be TAing two courses at IST: Search and Planning, Artificial Intelligence.
Jul 15, 2019 I completed my BSc!

Selected Publications

  1. Improving Neural Models for the Retrieval of Relevant Passages to Geographical Queries
    Coelho, João, Magalhães, João, and Martins, Bruno
    Proceedings of the ACM SIGSPATIAL International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems 2021
  2. Semantic Similarity for Mobile Application Recommendation under Scarce User Data
    Coelho, João, Paula, Beatriz, Mano, Diogo, Coutinho, Carlos, Oliveira, João, Ribeiro, Ricardo, and Batista, Fernando
    Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 2023